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My Story

I have lived no ordinary life, then again, none of us ever really do.

We go through hardship and pains we cannot express in words. We go through times of difficulties and moments when it seems like heaven has forgotten we exist.

Our focus too often is on the worst times in our lives, the dark moments, when nothing made any sense at all. Yet we so often forget that there is still more good than bad and so much we take for granted that it is not always that obvious that those dark moments were never dark to begin with.

I have walked this Earth for thirty three years now and have always been aware of what goes on around me. I have tried to never have idle hands. I have tried to get involved in matters way beyond my own reach and burnt my wings time and time again on the face of the sun. I have never been quiet and I never intend to be quiet.

It is in these moments, when time collides and we choose to shine and choose to open up, so that our light can shine the paths that none of us should ever tread and paths we should have taken that it all begins to make sense.

Most of all, when we reach a point in life where we choose to shine, against all the odds stacked up against us, that we realize and heaven often reminds us, that there is much good worth fighting for in this world than we can ever fathom.

My duplicity in all of this has been my love and hate for the spotlight. I replaced my true nature, many years ago, because I feared truly opening up, I feared being the approachable person that had no barriers and shields because life knocked me back so many times that I brushed everyone with the same comb and in this, I have learnt my greatest lesson.

By replacing the gentleness and the meekness, with a know-it-all and condescending attitude to everyone else, I became what I was not. I became a character of power and might, closed to anyone I did not allow in my life and one that learnt many expensive lessons, because I forgot the one core truth of life, that life cannot be lived alone.

All of this has changed you see and now I get it. I understand many things and may have knowledge others do not have and I pondered this, I pondered that all of us actually have this knowledge to begin with. We just failed to share it so others could know the paths and understand them.

This is my story that I share with you, to show you the roads I have taken, so that you too can become familiar with them and realize when you are on them and what the better roads are that you too can take that I eventually found, through the kindness of the same people, and heaven, that I once chose to shun.

Life is a journey, one we must enjoy from the beginning and throughout and until its end. It is never too late to say that I can learn different ways and discover new roads and even moreso to enjoy were I am, on the way to where I am going.

I hope you enjoy your stay on this website and that the book of my life that I share with you on these pages may be useful to you in your journey while you are a visitor on this planet, like I have been.

Remember, this website is updated constantly, so check back often to see what is new and updated and feel free to use the contact form, or details to get hold of me.

May you be blessed

Gilbert Martin II